Young Urologists Competition sheds insights on current urology issues

08 October 2016

From viral gene therapy in treating bladder cancer, endoscopic stone treatment to bladder pain syndrome, the Young Urologists Competition at the 16th Central European Meeting (CEM16) tackled a diverse range of current urology topics to ferret out useful insights in urological practice.

Seven contestants from across Central Europe pitted their insights and research conclusions not only against each other but also with the critical 11-member jury composed of opinion leaders and experts who challenged the participants with probing questions.

“There are certainly very useful insights, and we have seen not only the good quality of the presentations but also the studies that were presented,” said Prof. Michiel Sedelaar who chaired the well-attended session with Prof. Bob Djavan and Dr. Michael Rauchenwald.

“Every year we have seen the quality of this session grow and I am proud to see the excellent work being done here in the region,” added Djavan.

The session kicked off with a presentation by Antonin Brisuda (Czech Republic) on the use of urine immunocytochemistry as a way to improve cytology. Brisuda was followed by Andras Horvath (Hungary) who spoke on Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)-guided viral gene therapy in treating bladder cancer.

Horvath, who used an animal model in his studies, said that his initial results showed that a viral gene therapy can be a promising and future alternative treatment in bladder cancer. “Our results proved the efficacy of OncoVex (GALV/CD) virus in vitro, in vivo and in combination with mitomycin in the treatment of bladder cancer.”

Viktor Kovacik (Slovakia) discussed the complex endoscopic treatment of upper urinary tract stones, while  Artur Leminski (Poland) examined the treatment of muscle invasive bladder cancer in Poland in relation to treatment practices in Central Europe.

Miha Pukl (Slovenia) looked into the long-term outcome of favourable prognosis prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy, while R. Stoica (Romania) discussed bladder pain syndrome.

The winner will be announced later today (Saturday) at the last session of the meeting.